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Dr Alison Gartland

Professor Alison Gartland BSc, PhD, PGCert HE, FEHEA.

Professor of Bone Biology

Understanding the basic cellular and molecular mechanisms of musculoskeletal diseases

Telephone: +44 (0)114 215 9046
Email: a.gartland@sheffield.ac.uk

Alison’s principal research interest is in understanding the basic cellular and molecular mechanisms responsible for musculoskeletal disease, with an emphasis on the role of extracellular ATP and P2 receptors.

Current projects include investigating the role of P2 receptors in bone and cartilage using both in vivo and in vitro models; the mechanisms of ATP release from osteoblasts; association of polymorphisms in the P2X7 receptor with osteoporosis and arthritis-induced joint destruction and bone loss; the effect of metal ions on bone cells in vitro and determining the bone phenotype of various knock-out mice.

Alison is a founder member of the European Nucleotides and Bone Consortium, which facilitates collaboration between leading European research groups working on ATP, P2 receptors and bone. Alison’s research is funded by Arthritis Research Campaign, the EU Seventh Framework Programme, The Cavendish Hip Foundation and the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry. Alison is currently a committee member of the Bone Research Society and founder and secretary of the UK Purine Club.