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Dr Colby Eaton, BSc, PhD

Senior Lecturer in Bone Biology

Defining the interactions between prostate cancer and bone cells in the development of skeletal metastases

Email: c.l.eaton@sheffield.ac.uk
Tel: +44 (0)114 226 1204

    Colby’s research centres on prostate cancer. He has developed a number of novel in vitro model systems to study the regulation of growth and differentiation in prostatic cell populations.

    The primary aim of this work is to define mechanisms for cellular interactions between populations, in particular the involvement of peptide growth factor signaling in these processes.

    Colby’s current interests are in defining the populations of prostatic cancer cells that act as the ‘seed’ for the initiation of bone metastases and identifying the mechanisms by which these cells survive and proliferate in the bone microenvironment. This may lead towards the development of novel approaches to the prevention of prostate cancer metastasis. Understanding these processes is likely to lead to the development of novel approaches designed to prevent prostate cancer metastasis.

    Colby’s research is funded by CRUK and Yorkshire Cancer Research.

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