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Professor Eugene McCloskey MD, FRCPI


Characterising the risk factors for bone diseases and integrating them into management tools

Professor in Adult Bone disease

Tel: +44 (0)114 215 9667
Email: E.V.McCloskey@sheffield.ac.uk 

Eugene has been principal investigator in a number of MRC and pharmaceutical- funded osteoporosis studies and is acknowledged as an expert in vertebral fracture definition and epidemiology, as well as non-invasive assessments of bone strength and fracture risk.

He has been involved with writing guidelines (for the Royal College of Physicians, the British Association of Surgical Oncologists and the Bone Research Society) and Health Technology Assessments.

More recently, Eugene has contributed to the development of the FRAX tool for estimating fracture risk and is the Chair of the National Osteoporosis Guidance Group Implementation Committee. Eugene’s current research includes risk factor models for osteoporosis and the potential interactions between physical and pharmacological therapies for the treatment of osteoporosis.

Eugene’s principal funding sources are the Medical Research Council, Arthritis Research Campaign and industry sources.

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