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Professor Ingunn Holen BSc, MSc, PhD

Professor in Bone Oncology, Leader of Laboratory Research Team in Department of Oncology and Metabolism, University of Sheffield

Molecular mechanisms and effects of combination therapy in bone metastasis from breast and prostate cancer

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Email: i.holen@sheffield.ac.uk


    Ingunn Holen is Professor of Bone Oncology and team leader in the Department of Oncology and Metabolism, University of Sheffield. Receiving her PhD at the University of Oslo, Norway, before moving to Sheffield in 1995, she has more than 20 years’ experience in working in advanced breast cancer and therapeutics, in particular in the context of translational studies in metastatic bone disease

     Ingunn’s research is focussed on elucidating the mechanisms underlying tumour cell spread to the skeleton, in particular how disseminated tumour cells interact with different components of the bone microenvironment to establish metastatic foci. With collaborators, she has established a range of in vitro and in vivo models for studies of tumour growth in bone and work closely with clinical colleagues on translational research projects and clinical trials. Other areas of interest include determining the cellular and molecular mechanisms regulating tumour cell dormancy as well as establishing the mechanical properties of the bone metastatic niche.  

    Ingunn is a Trustee of Breast Cancer Now and the incoming Chair of British Association of Cancer Research and a member of national and international grant panels.

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