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Professor Ingunn Holen BSc, MSc, PhD

Professor in Bone Oncology, Leader of Laboratory Research Team in Academic Unit of Clinical Oncology, University of Sheffield

Molecular mechanisms and effects of combination therapy in bone metastasis from breast and prostate cancer

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    Ingunn Holen completed her PhD at the University of Oslo and the Norwegian Radium Hospital, Oslo, Norway in 1995, before joining the University of Sheffield as a Research Associate in the Department of Human Metabolism and Clinical Biochemistry. In 2001 she was appointed Lecturer in Bone Oncology in the Academic Unit of Clinical Oncology. Ingunn was promoted to Senior Lecturer in 2005, appointed as Reader in Bone Oncology in 2009 and promoted to Professor of Bone Oncology in 2013. She is Deputy Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board and the Tissue Access Committee of the Breast Cancer Campaign, and a member of the Executive Committee of British Association for Cancer Research.

    Research in Ingunn’s team is focused on advanced breast and prostate cancer, in particular early development of tumour growth in bone. Working in collaboration with colleagues both within the University and abroad, Ingunn has studied the effects of combining chemotherapy agents (targeting the tumour cells) with bisphosphonates (targeting the bone microenvironment). Other research areas include studies of the anti-angiogenic effects of combination therapy and identification of bio-markers for early detection of bone metastases.

    Together with Dr Colby Eaton, Ingunn leads a CRUK funded research programme to define the ‘bone metastasis niche’. This 5-year grant uses advanced model systems to elucidate the cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in bone metastasis in breast and prostate cancer. Ingunn’s research is also funded by Breast Cancer Campaign, The EU and Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity, as well as commercial partners.

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