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Professor Janet Brown MB BS, MSc, MD, FRCP

Professor of Translational Medical Oncology, University of Sheffield.

Understanding the impact of cancer on the skeleton and optimisation of prevention and treatment strategies.

Tel: +44 (0)114 226 5007
Email: j.e.brown@sheffield.ac.uk


    As a clinician scientist, Janet’s research is both lab-based and clinically-based and is focused on the effects of cancer on the skeleton, including the development, prevention and treatment of bone metastasis and the skeletal impact of cancer treatments. Her laboratory group is focused on proteomics, genomics and other approaches to develop biomarkers to predict risk of bone metastasis and response to treatment, in the context of understanding the biological mechanisms by which bone metastasis develops, especially in breast cancer.

    Her clinical practice includes breast, prostate and renal cancers, all of which are associated with bone metastasis and she runs a range of clinical trials (Phase I, II and III), as national Chief Investigator or as local Principal Investigator, focusing especially on bone-targeted agents and their combination with other novel therapies. Within the Mellanby Centre, she has special expertise in the assessments of bone endpoints in clinical studies of new anti-cancer agents and the measurement and interpretation of bone turnover markers, with several ongoing collaborations with other UK centres.
    Janet has published around 100 papers in peer-reviewed journal and 200 abstracts. Her research is funded by Cancer Research UK, NIHR, Yorkshire Cancer Research, Weston Park Cancer Charity, Breast Cancer Now and Prostate Cancer UK.

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