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Dr Jennifer Walsh PhD, MRCP


Senior Clinical Lecturer

Attainment of peak bone mass and endocrine influences on bone metabolism

Email: jennifer.walsh2@sth.nhs.uk
Tel (secretary): +44 (0)114 215 9667


    Jennifer has clinical interests in adolescent and young adult endocrinology and late effects of cancer treatment. She has published on the subjects of peak bone mass and the skeletal effects of hormonal contraception.

    Her current research programme includes the application of high resolution peripheral quantitative computed tomography to the study of bone accrual in young adults, the effects of endocrine disorders on bone microstructure, the interactions between fat and bone, and testosterone replacement in young male cancer survivors.

    Jennifer leads the Bone BRU training programme, and is currently studying for the RCP/UCL Postgraduate Certificate in Medical Education.

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