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Dr Nicola Peel DM, FRCP

Consultant Physician and Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer in Metabolic Bone Medicine

Evaluation of techniques used in the diagnosis and monitoring of osteoporosis and other metabolic bone diseases

Email: nicola.peel1@nhs.net


    Since 2000 Nicola has worked as a full-time NHS consultant in Metabolic Bone Medicine. During this time she has maintained a research involvement and has jointly supervised three clinicians undertaking PhDs.

    As Clinical Lead, Nicola ensures that the clinical service integrates closely with the Academic Unit thus enabling early implementation of innovative techniques into clinical practice. This has included the use of biochemical markers of bone turnover to monitor osteoporosis therapy and the introduction of Vertebral Fracture Assessment scanning into the fracture risk assessment pathway.

    As one of the Principal Investigators in the Bone Biomedical Research Unit, Nicola has the opportunity to devote more time, not only to pursue her research interests, but also to develop the infrastructure to support more NHS research in the department.

    In addition to evaluation of techniques used in the evaluation and monitoring of bone disease Nicola has studied the effects on bone of the contraceptive agent depot medroxyprogesterone acetate. She is currently evaluating methods to enhance identification of vertebral fracture in clinical practice and establishing a clinical research database.