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Dr Ning Wang

Principal Investigator

Understanding the impact of exercise on cancer induced bone diseases

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Dr Wang is a Principle Investigator in the Department of Oncology & Metabolism, University of Sheffield. He undertook his undergraduate (BSc) and postgraduate (MRes) training in biology at Ocean University of China. Dr Wang acquired his PhD degree in bone biology at The University of Sheffield in 2010 and thereafter have taken part in multidisciplinary studies in cancer-induced bone disease as a post-doctoral research associate in several research groups.


His current main research interests are focused on understanding how exercise induced cellular changes affect cancer dormancy and bone metastasis, using multi-disciplinary research approaches. Specifically, characterizing dormant metastasis initiating cells and investigating interactions between these cells and the bone microenvironment. In addition, investigating the role of purinergic signalling in other musculoskeletal diseases such as osteoporosis and osteoarthritis is also his research interest. The purposes of these innovative studies are to conduct world-leading research but more importantly to translate research results into clinical benefits for patients at the earliest opportunity.


Since 2012, Dr Wang has published 20+ peer-reviewed manuscripts in high impact international journals such as JBMR and FASEB J. He is a current member of the ECTS Academy and regularly refereeing papers for peer-reviewed international journals (e.g. JBMR, Int J Cancer, Bone). His current research is supported by Prostate Cancer UK, The Royal Society, Weston Park Cancer Charity and Mexican CONACyT scheme.

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