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Dr Paul Arundel

Consultant in Paediatric Metabolic Bone Disease, Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust

Paediatric rare bone diseases – improving care and outcomes for children and families

Email: paul.arundel@nhs.net

Dr Paul Arundel has been the lead consultant for the service for children with bone disease at Sheffield Children’s Hospital for a decade. His work encompasses the delivery and improvement of care to children and young people with a wide range of rare bone diseases through collaboration and multidisciplinary team working. He enjoys close links with co-located colleagues in orthopaedics, spinal surgery, neurosurgery, genetics and radiology as well as with partners in the Mellanby Centre for Bone Research.

Clinical activity and research interests extend to a wide range of skeletal disorders in childhood. Sheffield is one of four centres in England commissioned to provide care for children with complex childhood osteogenesis imperfecta and one of three paediatric centres able to prescribe asfotase alfa (recombinant alkaline phosphatase) to children with severe, childhood-onset hypophosphatasia. Alongside “general” clinics for children with known or suspected bone disease, he runs paediatric clinics dedicated to achondroplasia, and to disorders of mineralisation.

He is local Principal Investigator for a number of commercially-sponsored clinical trials and open-label extension drug studies in children with achondroplasia, including one of a small molecule CNP agonist, and another of a small molecule specific tyrosine kinase inhibitor. He was previously involved in the early phase trials of asfotase alfa that led to its licensing and adoption into NHS practice, a clinical trial of denosumab in childhood osteogenesis imperfecta, and both placebo-controlled and dose-ranging studies of risedronate. He is a local investigator for commercially-sponsored natural history and registry studies of children with achondroplasia, X-linked hypophosphataemic rickets and hypophosphatasia.

He is a member and former secretary of the British Paediatric and Adolescent Bone Group, a network which includes most of the clinicians and researchers from across the British Isles with an interest in children’s bone disease and health. He works with patient groups including the Brittle Bone Society and the National Osteoporosis Society. He currently serves as vice-chair of the Highly Specialised Technology Evaluation Committee of the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence, having served as a committee member since 2018.

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