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Professor Penelope Ottewell, BSc, PhD


Professor of Cancer Biology, Department of Oncology and Metabolism, University of Sheffield.

Molecular mechanisms that drive breast cancer metastasis to bone and identification of therapeutic interventions.

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Email: p.d.ottewell@sheffield.ac.uk




    Penelope (Penny) Ottewell completed her PhD at The University of Liverpool, UK in 2005, before joining the University of Sheffield as a Research Associate in the Department of Oncology. In 2011 she was awarded an International Bone and Mineral Society ‘Gregory Mundy’ fellowship and was appointed a lecturer in Bone Oncology in the Academic Unit of Clinical Oncology in 2013. Penny is a member of the Executive Committee of the British Association for Cancer and the Young Investigators committee for the International Bone and Mineral Society.

    Research in Penny’s team is focused on advanced breast cancer and the molecular mechanisms that drive metastasis to bone. Working in collaboration with researchers within the UK and aboard Penny specialises in using humanised models of breast cancer bone metastasis to identify molecular changes that tumour cells undertake as they undergo different stages of the metastatic process. As a result of her early work in this field Penny team are currently investigating the significance of the cytokine IL-1B on breast cancer development and bone metastasis

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