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Professor Philippe Clezardin BSc, MSc, PhD, DSc

Professor in Bone Oncology, University of Sheffield.

Understanding molecular mechanisms governing breast cancer cell colonization in the bone marrow and development of novel biomarkers for the identification of patients who are at risk of developing bone metastases

    Professor Philippe CLEZARDIN graduated with a PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Lyon, France, in 1983. He completed a postdoctoral training at the Medical Research Council/Scottish National Blood Transfusion Center in Edinburgh (1984-1986). Philippe was then appointed as Research Scientist at INSERM (National Institute for Health and Medical Research) in 1987. He undertook a sabbatical (1990) as visiting scientist at the Ottawa General Hospital (Ottawa, Canada). On returning in Lyon in 1991, he obtained his DSc from the University of Lyon and became Senior Research Scientist at INSERM. He is now Research Director at INSERM and, since 2011, head of the INSERM Research Unit UMR_S1033 entitled: “Pathophysiology, Diagnosis and Treatments of Bone Diseases” (http://www.lyos.fr) in Lyon, France. Before that he was head of the INSERM Research Unit UMR_S664 entitled: “Mechanisms and Treatments of Bone Metastases” (2005-2010) and Director of the Federative Research Institute “IFR62” entitled: “Cancer, Nutrition and Metabolism” (14 laboratories, circa: 500 people; 2007-2010).


    For the past twenty years, Philippe’s main research interest is in the characterisation of molecular mechanisms that drive bone metastasis formation in breast cancer, with the goal of developing new biomarkers and anticancer therapies. He has authored 135 publications with over 6000 citations, and contributed to about 15 chapters in textbooks on cancer research (Web of Science june 2016, h-index: 45). Philippe is Associate Editor of BoneKEy Reports (Nature Publishing Group) and a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Bone Oncology (Elsevier). Philippe is Past President of the Cancer and Bone Society. He has been engaged, as academic partner or coordinator, in several european projects within the framework of FP6, FP7 and H2020 research programmes [MetaBre (2004-2007), PROMET (2006-2010), BONE-NET (2011-2014), miROMeS (2016-2017)]. In this respect, he received a European Star Award (Paris, France, 2015) for the coordination of Marie Curie ITN project BONE-NET.

    Lyos – Inserm UMR 1033 – Bone Disease

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