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Prizes 2012 – Present

December 2018

Professor Richard Eastell was awarded the Linda Edwards Award at the National Osteoporosis Society at their annual meeting in Birmingham on December 4, 2018. His lecture was entitled, ‘Tools to guide decisions regarding long-term treatment of osteoporosis.’ Dr Nicola Peel is the chairman of the conference committee and said ‘TheLinda Edwards Award is the highest level recognition award of the Society and is awarded for your tireless and highly valued work in the field of osteoporosis .’ 

Fatma Gossiel was a recipient of the NOS 2018 abstract award for her work, ‘The effect of bisphosphonates on bone turnover and bone balance in postmenopausal women with osteoporosis: the T-score bone marker approach in the TRIO study’. Fatma is the manager of the Bone Biochemistry Laboratory.

Ian Baxter was was a recipient of the NOS 2018 abstract award for his work, ‘Early biochemical monitoring of osteoporosis treatment in primar care improves 5 year outcomes.’ Ian is a trainee orthopaedic surgeon working with Dr Nicola Peel.

Marian Schini was a winner of the best poster in the Premier Poster Session for her work, ‘Normocalcaemic hyperparathyroidism: study of the prevalence and natural history in a United Kingdom referral population.’ Marian is a PhD student and clinical fellow supervised by Professor Richard Eastell and Dr Jennie Walsh.

November 2018

Congratulations to Rob Coleman and Graham Russell for achieving Lifelong Mellanby Centre membership, which was awarded at this years Mellanby Centre Research Day on 23 November 2018.  Congratulations also to prize winners: Codrin Condurache for best oral presentation, Rebecca Stirling for best poster presentation, and Mandeep Boughan, Lewis McColl and Nermin Tawfiq for best SNAP poster presentations.

May 2018

Philippe Bordier Award – European Calcified Tissue Society Conference, Valencia, 2018

Awarded to Professor Eugene McCloskey.  Doctor Philippe Bordier (1927-1977) contributed significantly to the bone field by developing bone histomorphometry, which he applied to the analysis of several bone diseases. The Award recognises individuals who have made a significant clinical contribution to the field of bone and calcified tissue.

Golden Femur Award – European Calcified Tissue Society Conference, Valencia, 2018

Awarded to Professor Eugene McCloskey.  The Golden Femur is awarded based on a debate between a representative of the ECTS and a representative of the American Society of Bone and Mineral Research (ASBMR).  Prof McCloskey successfully argued against the motion “This house believes that population-based screening to detect high fracture risk should be offered to older postmenopausal women.”

March 2018

George Pickering, BMedSci student – President’s Prize for best undergraduate paper at the British Hip Society on 16 March 2018 for a study entitled “Kif26b is necessary for osteogenic trans-differentiation and matrix mineralisation in an in vitro model of pathological ossification”
Supervisors: Mark Wilkinson, Endre Kiss-Toth

Mark Wilkinson’s team won the Otto Aufranc Award of the Hip Society in New Orleans, United States on 10 March 2018 for a study entitled “The Genetics of Osteolysis after Total Hip Arthroplasty”.

June 2017
George Pickering, BMedSci student – Oral Presentation Prize at the Medical School Annual Research Day
Title: Kif26b is necessary for osteogenic trans-differentiation and matrix mineralisation in an in vitro model of heterotopic ossification
Supervisors: Mark Wilkinson, Endre Kiss-Toth

Luke Tattersall, PhD Student – Barbara Mawer Award, Bone Research Society Annual Meeting 2017
Luke will use this award to visit the University of Ferrara, Italy for his project entitled: “Investigating extracellular ATP in the tumour microenvironment of osteosarcoma using the plasma membrane-targeted luciferase (PmeLUC) probe.

Professor Nick Bishop who has been honoured with the Boonen Award by the European Calcified Tissue Society.  The Boonen Award is given for excellence in clinical research in the field of bone and mineral metabolism. Prof Bishop received the award in recognition of his contribution to clinical research into rare bone diseases in children, in particular in the treatment of osteogenesis imperfecta and hypophosphatasia. He also receives €10,000 to support further research in this field.

May 2017
Phil Nicklin, PhD student – Young Investigator Award at the European Calcified Tissue Society meeting 
Title: Establishing race- and gender-specific reference intervals for pyridoxal 5-phosphate to better identify adult hypophosphatasia using data from the NHANES programme 
Supervisor: Professor Richard Eastell, Dr Jennie Walsh

November 2016
Margaret Paggiosi, Research Fellow – New Investigator Award at the National Osteoporosis Society meeting. Abstract title: RESPONSE TO TERIPARATIDE TREATMENT DIFFERS BY ANATOMICAL SITE AND BONE COMPARTMENT

Tatiane Vilaca, PhD student – New Investigator Award at the National Osteoporosis Society meeting. Abstract title: A METAANALYSIS OF THE RISK OF ANKLE AND WRIST FRACTURES IN DIABETES
Supervisors: Richard Eastell, Jennie Walsh

September 2016
Dr Syazrah Salam MBChB MRCP, Kidney Research UK Clinical Research Fellow
Supervisors: Professor Richard Eastell (Academic Unit of Bone Metabolism) and Dr Arif Khwaja (Sheffield Kidney Institute)
Title: The role of biomarkers as an alternative to bone biopsy in predicting bone turnover in patients with advanced chronic kidney disease.
Award: best poster presentation at the Kidney Research UK Fellows Day 2016

July 2016
Jonathan Simpson
Cavendish Hip Foundation BMedSci Student 2015-16
Supervisors: Professor Mark Wilkinson (Bone Metabolism) and Dr Endre Kiss-Toth (Cardiovascular Science)
Project Title: Functional Effect of Genetic Variation on Susceptibility to, and Severity of, Heterotopic Ossification.
Selected to deliver an oral presentation on my project at the BMedSci Presentation Day on the 8th July
Won the oral presentation prize for the afternoon session, kindly provided by the Academy of Medical Sciences INSPIRE fund

June 2016
Mohsen Farzi – 12th IEEE EMBS international summer school on Biomedical Imaging from 16-24 June 2016.
Poster award, entitled ‘Automatic Quality Control for Population Imaging’
Supervisors: Mark Wilkinson, Alex Frangi.

April 2016
Professor Eugene McCloskey, Professor of Adult Bone Disease awarded the International Osteoporosis Foundation Medal of Achievement, April 2016. This Medal recognises an individual researcher who has significantly advanced the field of osteoporosis through his original and outstanding scientific contributions.

Prize winners at the Mellanby Centre Research Day 2015

Ning Wang – Best Oral Presentation “P2 receptors in mitotically quiescent, bone metastasis initiating populations in prostate cancer”
Silvia Marino – Best Poster Presentation “Pharmacological evidence for reduction of cancer-related osteolysis by disruption of bone-specific NFkB/ß-catenin signalling”
Louis Metcalf – Best ‘Snap’ Poster Presentation “Method development to scan the calcaneus using high-resolution peripheral quantitative computed tomography”

March 2015Elspeth Whitby, Marta Cohen, Ashok Raghavan and Amaka Offiah – BIR/Bayer Make It Better Award for their minimally invasive autopsy service at the Sheffield Children’s Hospital, UK.

December 2014
Amy Evans, PhD Student – New Investigator Award at the National Osteoporosis Society meeting
Abstract title: Differences in associations between obesity and bone density, microarchitecture and strength in younger and older adults
Supervisors: Dr Jennie Walsh and Professor Richard Eastell

3 November 2014 – Professor Richard Eastell is a member of the IBIS team that won the 2014 Translational Cancer Research Prize from Cancer Research UK for work on the prevention of breast cancer. The IBIS team is led by Professor Jack Cuzick and he can be seen collecting his prize at http://www.qmul.ac.uk/media/news/items/smd/142146.html

October 2014 – Simon Bowles – Best Oral Presentation Award – Human Nutrition Research Centre 20th Anniversary Symposium (Newcastle University)
Abstract title: Young adults are at risk of vitamin D deficiency due to low dietary intake and shorter 25(OH)D3 half-life
Supervisors: Professor Richard Eastell and Dr Tom Hill

July 2014 Professor Richard Eastell – Frederic C Bartter Award for outstanding clinical investigation in disorders of bone and mineral metabolism

July 2014 Professor Graham Russell – Gideon A. Rodan Excellence in Mentorship Award in recognition of outstanding support provided by a senior scientist who has helped promote the independent careers of young investigators in bone and mineral metabolism

March 2014 – Congratulations to Richard Eastell, Director of the Mellanby Centre for Bone Research, who has been awarded an NIHR Senior Investigator Award. Over two hundred NIHR Senior Investigators have been appointed through annual competitions informed by the advice of an international expert panel. Senior Investigators are the NIHR’s pre-eminent researchers and represent the country’s most outstanding leaders of clinical and applied health and social care research. Senior Investigators are fundamental to the formation of the NIHR Faculty.


March 2014
Shankar Thiagarajah – New Investigator Recognition Award and Research Translation Award
Karan Shah – William Harris Award at the 2014 ORS Annual Meeting – http://www.ors.org/2014annualmeeting/

19/20 March 2014 – Peter Orton has been awarded first prize for Best Medical Student Poster 2014 at the ARUK Follows’ Meeting – working on the effects of metal ions on osteocytes

March 2014 – Ms Fatma Gossiel, Technician, Human Metabolism, University of Sheffield has been selected for an ECTS New Investigator Award, based on the abstract submission: The Effect of Bisphosphonate Treatment on Osteoclast Precursor Cells in Postmenopausal Women with Osteoporosis: The TRIO Study. These awards are given to the highest-scoring eligible abstracts submitted to the ECTS 41st Annual Congress which will be held in Prague 17-20 May 2014.

February 2014 – Alejandro Frangi, Professor of Biomedical Image computing at the University of Sheffield, has been named an IEEE Fellow

1 February 2014 – Alejandro Frangi has been elected member of the MICCAI Society Board (www.miccai.org) in the recent society-wide election. He started his 4-year term on 1 February 2014

New Investigator Award from the Bone Research Society
Awarded to Ms Amy Evans, PhD Student, Bone Metabolism, University of Sheffield

Philippe Border Award – European Calcified Tissue Society Conference, Stockholm, 2012
Awarded to Professor Richard Eastell

Best Oral Abstract – Mellanby Centre Research Day, June 2012
Abstract title: ‘Genome-Wide Association (GWA) Study Reveals that the Gene Encoding GPR98 is Associated with a Destructive, Atrophic Phenotype in Hip Osteoarthritis’
Awarded to S Thiagarajah & J M Wilkinson
Supervisor: Professor Mark Wilkinson

Best Poster Basic Science – Bone Research Society at Joint NOS/BRS Annual Meeting, July 2012
Abstract title: ‘Speciation and Distribution of Cobalt and Chromium in Osteoblasts and Osteoclasts using Microfocus X-ray Fluorescence and X-ray absorption Near-Edge Structure’
Awarded to Karan Shah, PhD Student
Supervisors: Dr Alison Gartland and Professor Mark Wilkinson

Best Oral Presentation – British Orthopaedic Research Society/British Hip Society Combined Symposium, Manchester, March 2012
Abstract title: ‘Systemic effects of metal exposure after hip resurfacing’
Awarded to Jennie Prentice
Supervisor: Professor Mark Wilkinson

President’s Poster Competition Award – American Society for Bone & Mineral Research Conference, San Diego, USA, September 2012
Abstract title: ‘Prediction of fractures over 6 years from FRAX in older women: Recent falls history as a further independent risk factor’
Awarded to Judy Finigan, CC Gluer, D Felsenberg, D Reid, C Roux, R Eastell
Supervisor: Professor Richard Eastell


Best oral presentation – National Osteoporosis Society/Bone Research Society Conference, Manchester, July 2012
Abstract title: Age-related structural changes of the trochanter’
Awarded to Ben Gabbott, BMedSci Student
Supervisors: Dr Lang Yang and Professor Richard Eastell

Young Investigator Award – National Osteoporosis Society at the Osteoporosis and Bone Conference 2012
Abstract title: The effect of obesity on bone mineral density measured at four fracture sites’
Awarded to Amy Evans, PhD Student
Supervisors: Professor Richard Eastell and Dr Jennifer Walsh


Young Investigator Award – National Osteoporosis Society at the Osteoporosis and Bone Conference 2012
Abstract title: Establishing reference intervals for bone turnover markers in healthy postmenopausal women’
Awarded to Fatma Gossiel, PhD Student
Supervisor: Professor Richard Eastell


ASBMR Young Investigator Travel Grant – ASBMR
Abstract title: The effect of glucocorticoid therapy on regulators of bone formation in postmenopausal women treated with teriparatide or alendronate’
Awarded to Fatma Gossiel, PhD Student
Supervisor: Professor Richard Eastell

RCR Roentgen Professor 2013
Awarded to Dr Amaka Offiah, Clinical Senior Lecturer, Child Health