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Professor Tim Skerry, BVet.Med, PhD, Cert.SAO, FRCVS

Professor of Orthopaedic Biology

Understanding mechanisms behind responses of the skeleton to exercise, and development of novel therapeutics for cancer

Secretary: Mrs Gillian Griffiths
Tel: +44(0)114 215 9026
Email: t.skerry@sheffield.ac.uk

Tim’s primary research interest in bone biology is in molecular responses in bone to mechanical loading and identification of therapeutic targets for anabolic therapies.

This work has moved towards use of tissue-specific and targeted transgenic models to clarify osteocyte and osteoblast biology.

During research into the calcitonin family of peptides, Tim and co-inventor Dr Gareth Richards made discoveries that led to formation of Medella Therapeutics, a University spinout company operating in the area of anti-RAMP (Receptor Activity Modifying Proteins) molecules as therapies for diseases including cancer and osteoporosis. Medella drugs are in pre-clinical development and the company is actively seeking investment for R&D, including humanization of its first monoclonal antibody.

Tim’s research is funded by the BBSRC, Medella Therapeutics and other industry and commercialisation funding sources. UK.

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