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Mark Wilkinson

Dr Tatiane Vilaca

Research Associate

‘Diabetes and Bone’

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Email: t.vilaca@sheffield.ac.uk

Dr Tatiane Vilaca is a Postgraduate Research Associate at the University of Sheffield. She trained as an Endocrinologist in Brazil and completed her PhD at the University of Sheffield in 2020 having studied bone health in diabetes. She investigated several aspects of bone health in this disease including microarchitecture using high resolution peripheral quantitative computed tomography, the effects of neuropathy and other potential mechanisms associated with bone fragility in diabetes, such as the role of AGEs.  

 She has a special interest in the effects of chronic diseases and medications on bone and the underlying mechanisms. She has several publications on the effect of chronic diseases on the risk of fractures. She has also investigated the endocrine mechanisms associated with favourable bone structure in obesity.

Tatiane has vast experience on systematic reviews; she has led three systematic reviews on the risk of fractures in diabetes and chronic kidney disease and another one on osteomalacia following repeated iron infusions. She has also taken part in other reviews, investigating the risk of fractures in Parkinson’s disease and microRNA profile in sarcopenia and obesity. These projects are the results of several collaborations within the University of Sheffield (e.g., ScHARR) and international groups from the USA and Denmark.

Currently, Tatiane is involved in a family mapping project in hypophosphatasia and a project investigating the mechanisms associated with the overshoot on bone turnover after stopping denosumab.

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